Jeff Greason

Chief Technologist, Electric Sky
Chairman, Tau Zero Foundation

Currently leads the technology development team at Electric Sky, engineering wireless power solutions for propulsion and other uses. Expert in all aspects of propulsion technologies, systems engineering, space transportation, and the economic use of space resources. Co-founded space transportation startups. Advises government and private entities on how to advance strategic goals. As a consultant, finds creative engineering solutions to daunting problems in commercial space and space exploration, and provides early stage technology consulting for startup investment. Polymath with advanced skills across multiple engineering disciplines including aerospace engineering, aeronautics and aerodynamics, mechanical engineering, semiconductors, and electronic and electrical engineering.

Talented executive with more than 20 years of experience as a company visionary, industry board chairman, and leader of technology research and development (R&D) teams. Brings a wealth of expertise in science and technology, entrepreneurship, strategy, regulatory development, and engineering innovation.

Has hands-on experience with of all facets of the commercial space industry, including competitive field, supply chain, launch regulations, space technology, space policy and the space industry customer base. Served on the U.S. President’s blue-ribbon Review of United States Human Space Flight Plans Committee.