Space Settlement 2021 is a free virtual event showcasing the technologies, people and organizations that will lead us to the settlement of the final frontier! Space Settlement 2021 presents the finest minds in this revolutionary movement, with experts the latest visions of humanity’s migration into space: where we will go, why we will go there, and how we will do so. Highlights include: a STEM space settlement competition, today’s incremental steps to space settlement, the classic ideas of Dr. Gerard K. O’Neill, new initiatives by visionaries such as Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and other NewSpace visionaries, and much more. Space Settlement 2021 is available thanks to the International Space Settlement Design Competitions and Anita Gale.

Space Settlement 2021 is presented by the National Space Society. Please consider joining or donating to the National Space Society by clicking on the links below. Your contributions will help further our efforts to develop the final frontier!


The National Space Society is pleased to announce that “Space Settlement 2021” will be available across multiple venues through the e360tv streaming TV network and the NSS Facebook page and Youtube channel, on e360tv’s Roku/AppleTV/Amazon Fire and many other mobile systems, and on’s Youtube channel. Click the link below to view live on e360tv and across all platforms. Please note: due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some audio may not be up to our usual standards. Thank you for understanding.


(for updates, bonus content, and a chance to win cool space stuff including space books and meteorites!)


Karlton Johnson

Chairman, National Space Society Board of Governors

Janet Ivey

President, Explore Mars, Inc.
CEO, Janet's Planet, Inc.

Dr. Alan Stern

Planetary scientist, Space Program Executive, Aerospace Consultant, Speaker, and Author

Dr. Namrata Goswami

Independent Scholar on International Relations

Isaac Arthur

Science & Futurism with Isaac Arthur

Hannah Rens

Aerospace Engineer
Space Settlement Advocate

Martine Rothblatt

Chairman & CEO, United Therapeutics Corporation

Steven Kwast

CEO, Kwast Enterprises
Lieutenant General, U.S. Air Force (retired)

Anita Gale

Board of Directors, National Space Society

Sean Mahoney

CEO, Masten Space Systems

Bruce Pittman

Senior Vice President and Senior Operating Officer of the National Space Society

Michelle L.D. Hanlon

Co-Founder, For All Moonkind, Inc.

David Brin


Jeff Greason

Chief Technologist, Electric Sky
Chairman, Tau Zero Foundation

Rod Pyle

Author, Journalist, Filmmaker

Larry Niven


Eric Gignac

Visual Communications, Virginia Edition Publishing Company

George C. Nield

Former FAA AST Administrator

Dr. Greg Autry

Director, Southern California Commercial Spaceflight Initiative, USC
VP for Space Development for the National Space Society

Peter Garretson

Independent Strategy Consultant focusing on Space and Defense
Senior Fellow in Defense Studies, AFPC

Dr. Kerry Joels

Founder, Total Learning Research Institute

Dale Skran

Chair of the Executive Committee,
National Space Society Board of Directors

Dan Rasky

Chief, Space Portal OfficeSenior
Scientist/Engineer, NASA Ames Research Center

Greg Benford

Physicist, Educator, Author

Sean Kinney

Space Settlement Grand Prize Winner,
ISDC 2020 Space Settlement Contest

John Kross


Dale Amon

Founder and CEO, Immortal Data, Inc.

Dave Dressler

Conferences Committee Chair,
National Space Society


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